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Visual Communication

Winter / Spring 2019

Graphic / Web Design

Design that stands out from your competition

I have a unique and cutting edge approach to aesthetically pleasing art and design.

I work with all different sizes and kinds of businesses to help build and grow successful brands!

My range of services includes:

Brand Development / Corporate Identity

Brand consistency, managing and enhancing companies’ reputation in the public’s eye. Creating a visual statement to communicate a company’s business philosophy.

Digital and Print media

Development of layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate.

Web Design and Development

Capturing the clients’ vision, bringing the design elements to life, and ultimately creating websites that are current and appeal to consumers.

As well as:

  • Social Media Development
  • Logo Design
  • Package Design and Consultation
  • Custom Art and Illustration
  • and more…

Web Design

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Latest Graphic Design Projects

“Hi Garrett, Hope you are well. Just thought you might like to know that the grand that included one of your graphics won a $1.1m grant! Nice Work!!”

Aaron R.

Garrett Siegel

Garrett Siegel

Submurged Creative Inc.

I received my graphic design education at Florida Atlantic University in South Florida. I am currently working on a Full Stack JavaScript TechDegree program from TeamTreehouse.

Since making the change to becoming a professional graphic and web designer in 2016, my career path started as a graphic designer for a very fast-paced automotive advertising agency as well as building an international freelance client base on the side. My current role involves creating web advertising and digital graphic design for The Kroger Co. and their many subdivisions. I have built a strong “Top-Rated” reputation for the past two years connecting with clients on and still take on select freelance projects in my free time.

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