For a long time I was always under the impression that Photoshop is the top dog for anything involving photo editing and have long heard of Lightroom.

Today I decided to learn about some basic Lightroom CC training for my hour long weekend tutorial. Here’s what I found:

Lightroom’s built in organization tools are great if you manage your Adobe CC well. It has far more ease of use than from what my experience has been with Photoshop.

Some of the Lightroom tools, spot healing and gradients for example, are much more user friendly than PS. You can find some of the processes you want without having to go digging in the crates.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video I watched today,

Now I have noticed that people buy all sorts of different Lightroom presets that allow you to save a certain look and apply it to an image with one click. These look very simple to create instead of paying hundreds of dollars for.

Next week I will go further into Lightroom CC’s file organization and how to create your own custom presets.