I may be a pretty quick guy, lol, I found a quick solution today that will help you make changes (not just resizing) to groups of images in Photoshop, also called batching.


My wonderful girlfriend/spouse is a photographer, her website, and like most photographers she takes a ton of pics. She asked for my help to teach her how to change the resolution on her images so that she can send her clients print quality photos without sending huge RAW files and she has ALOT of images.

I found this tutorial that is very well explained for the average skilled Photoshop user here and the instructor Aaron Nace does a great job teaching it (IN 2 MINS):

Here he shows you how to record actions you take on one image and apply them in an automated batching process to multiple images and folders.

Here’s a link to more of his videos: https://phlearn.com/aaronwillteachyou